Welcome to Dramarama!

At Dramarama, we offer an exciting range of Performing Arts classes for 3 to 16 year olds during term time and school holidays. Our aim is to ensure that all Dramarama students have the chance to develop their acting skills, at their own pace, in a happy, safe and supportive environment.

By teaching a carefully selected range of dramatic technique exercises, we have seen young children grow and mature into confident and outgoing performers. The skills employed on stage can be used in all aspects of a child’s life, both within their school classroom as well as in weekend religious schools or any other social clubs they may attend. We are so proud of the high standard of performance skills that my students reach in our 5-day holiday course productions. We are often told by parents that they cannot believe what an amazing standard of work we achieve in such a short time!


Dramarama has a team of dedicated teachers who are specialists in teaching drama, musical theatre, drama exams, street dance and who have considerable experience directing children in performing arts productions. So, at Dramarama, boys and girls will receive expert tuition and every opportunity to blossom and develop their skills in whichever area of Performing Arts they choose to explore. We have devised a special programme of creative activities for Dramatots, our youngest students, which ensures a fun-filled introduction to acting. Once they reach Stage One, 5 and 6 year olds are able to take part in our special plays, with the help and support of their teacher, to remove any stress and anxiety and to ensure a happy and enjoyable performance experience. 7 to 11 year olds can join our drama exam, musical theatre or street dance classes. Help, support and encouragement will be offered to each and every Dramarama student, no matter how young or old they are.

New parents interested in enrolling their child are welcome to call and find out more about the opportunities waiting for them at Dramarama.

Jessica Grant


Singing, Dancing and Acting Since 1987

In March 1987 Jessica Grant ran the first holiday drama courses for 25 children at King Alfred School. This was quickly followed by weekly, after school, summer term drama classes. Waiting lists were soon set up as more children were so keen to join and very quickly extra classes were held during the week and on Saturday mornings.  

Our Students

Dramarama offers a wide range of Performing Arts classes and courses duringterm-time and school holidays. Over the past 30 years, thousands of boys and girls have attended Dramarama's Drama, Musical Theatre, Street Dance and Drama Exam Classes and Courses across North & North West London. Dramarama dancers have taken part in West Ends Shows at Sadlers Wells and Her Majesty’s Theatres. This year over 200 students celebrated Dramarama’s 30th Birthday by performing in our special Birthday shows.

The Dramarama Team

Over the years Jessica Grant has been joined by an excellent team of inspirational drama teachers who are professional choreographers, singers, directors, writers and performers. They all work hard to ensure that all Dramarama students have the care and attention they need to develop their performing skills at their own pace to the highest standards.

Trinity College Drama Exams

Our Trinity College Drama Exam students always achieve excellent results. In 2015 one of our exam groups were awarded a special certificate and prize money from Trinity College, as they achieved the highest marks for their exam in the country. Last year another group passed their Grade One exam with a stunning 100%. This year my exam students again achieved outstanding results both in their term time classes and on our holiday exam courses.

Jessica Grant

Jessica Grant has been running Dramarama since March 1987. She is passionately dedicated to guiding children to improve their self-confidence, vocal skills, acting and performance technique through a specially selected range of Dramarama’s Performing Arts classes and courses.