For children aged 7-11 years (in School Yrs 2-6)

Dancers will learn exciting street dance and hip hop routines during the week. These stunning dances will then be showcased in an exciting show at the end of the week for family and friends. No previous experience necessary just energy, enthusiasm and a passion for dancing! 



Street Dance is a fun-filled dance course comprising specialised choreography and dance routines for children of all abilities. No previous experience necessary just energy, enthusiasm and a passion for dancing! Our exciting teacher has some spectacular routines planned for this term. Our Street Dance courses include a daily warm-up routine, and our step-by-step choreography ensures that all children have the opportunity to build their self-confidence, along with performance technique. 

An exciting Street Dance Show is rehearsed during the week for presentation to parents in the theatre at the end of the course. All  Street Dance Shows aim to be ensembles, where parts are distributed as equally as possible among the children.

Street Dance courses are taught by qualified dance teachers, along with an assistant. The maximum number of children in a group each day is 17, and friends will be placed in the same group if requested. Our aim is for children to develop their performance skills and inspire their imagination within the framework of a safe, nurturing, creative environment.



Street Dance is for children in school years Y2-Y6 (6 - 11 years). We have found that a wide range of ages works well for this course, as different layers of choreography can be allocated to children of different ages and size. 



Musical Theatre courses are 9am - 3.45pm daily. Children are fully supervised throughout with a minimum of one teacher and one teaching assistant per group.



Children should be dropped off at 9am. Upon arrival, your child will be taken to their Street Dance teacher, who will mark them in on the register.

At collection, children will wait in the room with Dramarama assistants for parents and carers to collect them at the door. Please advise in advance if other adults apart from yourself will be collecting your child. Upon arrival, please tell us your child's full name, and they will be brought to you - it is not possible for parents to come in the school building for collection. Please ensure that all carers dropping-off or collecting your child are aware of these procedures.




Please provide a nut-free packed lunch each day, and please ensure all lunch items are named. Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities to warm food, and cannot provide tableware or cutlery.

On occasion we have children attending our courses with extreme airborne food allergies. If there are any food items that need to be avoided in packed lunches, we will email all parents the week before the course. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

You may also provide a small, named, nut-free, mid-morning snack.

Children should wear comfortable clothing e.g. a t-shirt with joggers, leggings or shorts. Children should also wear trainers (or dance shoes). Please ensure that all removable clothing, such as cardigans, hoodies and jackets, are named.


Q: My child has never attended a holiday course before - do I have to enrol for the whole week?

A: For our week-long courses, children are booked in for a week. In all cases, new children can start with a paid trial day initially, to see how they like it. We hold a place for the rest of the week should they wish to continue. We sometimes also offer two- or three-day Drama Workshops, depending on the school holiday.


Q: I'd like my child to attend the next Street Dance course - when do I need to book?

A: Our Performing Arts courses book very quickly, and we have a limited number of places available for each course. Unfortunately, we cannot increase our capacity each week, as we can only accommodate four Performing Arts Shows every Friday afternoon. To avoid disappointment, please reserve your child's place as soon as possible. Payment for the course is due up to a month before the start date, however we may request payment sooner if the course becomes full. Children's places are only fully confirmed once an online booking form has been completed, and full payment has been made.  


Q: I need to pick my child up early one day. How do I arrange this?

A: Please complete an Early Collection Form, on the morning of early collection, or one of the mornings before if possible, and return it to Jessica Grant, or a member of the Dramarama team.


Q: My child has school friends also attending. Can they all be together?

A: Yes, of course! We will always ensure that friends are in the same group. Please let the office team know the names of other friends also joining us, as we do not automatically know which schools the children attend.


Q: My child's sibling is also attending Street Dance. Will they be in the same group?

A: Yes, siblings attending our Street Dance course will be together.  


Q: Can I speak to my child's Dramarama teacher about their progress?

A: You are welcome to have a brief chat with your child's Drama teacher before or after the course, however, please be aware that these are very busy times for the teachers, whose prime concern will be to register/give back the children in a calm and safe manner. Be assured that if my teaching staff have any concerns at all for your child's wellbeing during the day - e.g. if they are unwell; if they do not appear happy to join in; if they seem generally 'out of sorts' - we will contact you immediately. If you are not be contacted during the day, this means that everything is going very well! We do not provide written reports for children's activities during the day.  


Q: What happens if I make a payment and my child can't attend?

A: We are happy to provide a credit note, valid for up to a year, for the value of the course booked. 


Q: If I have any further questions, who should I ask?

A: In the first instance, please direct all questions and queries to the Dramarama office - 020 8446 0891 or email