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Let me extend a very warm welcome to new and existing members of our drama family! We are proud to be celebrating 35 years of Dramarama this year!

Dramarama provides fun, creative and stimulating drama courses in NW3 for children aged 3.5 years to 14 years, in age-related groups.


Our courses are child-centred and led by experienced drama teachers. All course content is age-appropriate and designed to encourage each child to  develop their acting skills at their own pace. All our drama games and activities are currently non-contact and do not require props or equipment to be handled or shared. Dramarama teachers work with the unique dynamic of each group and build on the children's particular interests in characters, stories, concepts, and themes, so that each course fully reflects the group's interests and enthusiasms within a caring and nurturing environment. Our courses include drama, musical theatre and dance/movement. 


Children participate in a range of creative and stimulating games and exercises to develop drama technique, performance awareness and self-confidence. We offer children a positive, well-rounded experience of drama and performing, which they can build-on and carry forward at each Dramarama ‘Stage’.


We look forward to seeing you at Dramarama very soon.

Jessica Grant, Principal

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