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Non-stop drama fun for children aged 3.5-4.5, with creative activities that aim to develop self-confidence and performance-awareness.

Stories and acting adventures are devised daily.

Specialised workshop sessions offer a range of carefully selected creative exercises to improve voice-projection, focus, concentration, and confidence. Drama activities will encourage each child to practise listening skills and turn-taking in a fun and creative learning environment. Drama games will nurture the children’s social skills and encourage curiosity and a desire to learn.

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Course time: 9.45 -3.00, drop off from 9.30


Dramatots participate in a variety of fun and creative drama games and activities designed to spark curiosity, encourage improvisation and provoke imagination. Specialised daily workshop sessions are structured to include regular toilet trips and breaks.

The structure of a day at Dramatots

On the first day of the course, the teacher will introduce themselves and their assistant to the children, and the children to each other. Throughout the week, as the teacher leads the course, the assistant will repeat instructions as necessary to ensure that all the children are fully aware of what is expected of them, and are confident to participate in all of the group’s activities. In both morning and afternoon sessions, all children will be given the opportunity to lead a game or exercise.


Upon arrival each day, the children will be registered and taken for a toilet-trip, and to wash their hands. The teacher will explain to the group what they will be doing that day.



Morning Session

Warm up and physical/movement games and exercises, aimed to expend energy and channel excitement in a creative, nurturing environment.


Children will have a mid-morning short, supervised snack break.


Creative and imaginative activities and games, to develop self-awareness and performance-awareness. The aim is to build confidence, develop voice-projection/communication and enhance listening skills as the children follow the teacher’s instructions and cues. There is also emphasis on teamwork, taking turns, and working together as a group.


Supervised Lunchtime

The teacher will ensure that children eat all the food provided.


Afternoon Session

Focus on story-telling and acting adventures including Dramarama’s special rolling stories; the children will devise stories and acting scenes and are not expected to learn or remember lines; instead they will build on their understanding and retention of a story by repeating the lines spoken by the teacher.

All children are given a character role to play; some stories are original, based on the children’s own ideas and interests, as well as their dressing-up characters, and some are based on excerpts from family-friendly published stories.

Children will be provided with information and cues as an introduction to early stage direction.


End of Day Summary

The drama teacher will provide a recap of the day’s games and activities, reminding children what they have done and encouraging them to recall their favourite game/story/character from the day.

Please note: Dramatots must be aged at least three and a half and have attended nursery school for at least one full term. They must be toilet trained for a minimum of three months and able to use the toilet facilities independently. Dramarama assistants take the children on regular toilet breaks and are on hand to help the children wash and dry their hands, but they do not enter the toilet cubicle and cannot provide intimate care. Children cannot attend the course wearing nappies or pull-ups.


If a Dramatot is tearful at drop-off, and is in distress at being left, Dramarama staff will do their very best to encourage positively the child to stay. We ask that parents/carers assist and encourage the separation process. However, if after a period of time the child remains upset despite our best efforts, we will suggest that they try again on day two of the course. If the same issues occur on the second day, we will offer a credit note, valid for year, to use on a future course when the child is ready.

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