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Our drama workshops courses include creative activities specially chosen to develop self-confidence, focus and concentration.
Sessions incorporate acting technique exercises and performance skills training.


Children are split into groups, according to their ages

All our courses are taught by qualified Drama teachers together with a teaching assistant.  Children are encouraged to make new friends, but if they attend with friends of the same age, they will be in the same group. We may have more than one group in each Stage so please inform us, in advance, of any friends also joining us. 


Children can be dropped off 15 minutes before their course start time. 

We ask that parents provide a named, nut-free packed lunch each day.

Children should wear comfortable clothing, please ensure that all removable
clothing is clearly named.

Find out more about a day at Dramarama and Drama Stages FAQs.

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Course time: 9.45 - 2.45, drop off from 9.30

The Structure of a Day 

On the first day of the course, the teacher will introduce themselves and their assistant to the children, and the children to each other. Throughout the week, as the teacher leads the course, the assistant will repeat instructions as necessary to ensure that the children are fully aware of what is expected of them, and are confident to participate in all of the activities.


In both morning and afternoon sessions, all children will be given the opportunity to lead a game or exercise.


Upon arrival, the children will be registered and taken for a toilet-trip, and to wash their hands.


The teacher will explain to the group what they will be doing that day.

Morning Session

The morning sessions comprise a variety of movement/warm-up, fun-packed, creative drama games and activities. Physical games encourage concentration and coordination and channel creative energy.

Supervised Lunchtime

Staff will ensure that children eat all the food provided.

Afternoon Session

In the afternoon, children devise scenes and explore extracts from family-friendly plays and musical theatre shows. There are many opportunities to develop and explore a variety of different characters. We also include genres and themes which are of particular interest to a group. In addition, children will explore songs and movement from scenes from popular musical theatre.


We plan to offer 'Show courses' for children in Stage One, Stage Two & Stage Three, subject to on-going Covid guidelines. Children in Stage One and Stage Two perform an Open Presentation to parents/carers on Thursday afterboon and the last day of the course is our ‘Fun Day’ – children can attend wearing their favourite dressing up clothes and can revisit their favourite games and exercises from the week, in an entertaining, party atmosphere. 


Children in Stage Three perform in an end of week Show to parents/carers on Friday afternoon.


Children are allocated a place in each of our Stages based on their age/school year. All Dramarama course are fun-based and entertaining, but as students progress through the Stages the drama work becomes more challenging, incorporating more advanced, age-appropriate stagework and  dramatic technique. Children in Stages Two and Three are introduced to more detailed script work and movement, in addition to devising and improvising scenes.


Please note that Dramarama is not able to record any part of the course to share with parents/carers.


Please provide on the registration form all relevant medical information and the names of adults authorised to collect.

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My child doesn’t have much drama experience – should they join Stage One to start?

Children join our Drama ‘Stages’ in group of children of their own age, regardless of their previous drama experience. If your child is in Reception or Year One, they join Stage One; if they are in Year 2 or 3, it’s Stage Two. Children in Years 4 – 6 join Stage Three. Please let us know if your child has any friends also attending, as we may have more than one group in each Stage.

Do I have to book for the full week, or can my child attend on selected days?

Dramarama courses are booked for the week, at the weekly rate, we do not offer a daily booking rate.

Can my child be in the same group as friend?

Yes, of course, if they are the same age. Please let us know the name of any friends attending in advance, so that we can ensure they are together. There is a space when you register online to include this information, or you can email info@dramarama.co.uk Please advise this information as soon as possible, because our groups book quickly.

Can my child be in the same group as their sibling?

Children attend Dramarama in age-related groups, so siblings can attend together if they are the correct age to be in the same group.

What is the ‘Fun Day’?

Our ‘Fun Day’ is on the last day of a course for Stage One and Stage Two – children can attend wearing their favourite dressing up clothes and can revisit their favourite games and exercises from the week, in an entertaining, party environment.

I love to see my child perform – can I come to watch some of the course?

We are pleased to invite two guests to watch a course Open Presentation (Stage One) or Show (Stage Two & Stage Three). Further information about the Presentation/Show will be email upon booking, and the information is also on the website. Dramarama is not able to record any part of the course to share with parents/carers who are unable to attend.

Where should I drop-off and collect my child?

Your child will be allocated to a group and we will email their group name, along with the drop-off/collection points, the week before the start of the course. All drop-off/collection points are clearly labelled with a number.

What happens if I am running late one morning for drop off?

If you are more than five minutes late, please drop-off at the main school reception.

What is the earliest time I can drop-off?

Please drop-off no earlier than 15 minutes before the course start time.

What should my child bring with them each day?

Please provide a named, nut-free packed lunch each day, in packets/containers that your child can open and close. If you give your child food items such as grapes or cherry tomatoes, please ensure that they are sliced in half, as they can otherwise pose a choking hazard. Please also provide a named bottle of hand sanitiser and tissues each day. Children should not bring any other items to the course (eg. toys, games, personal/valuable items).

I have two children attending the course, and their course times are different. Can I collect them at the same time, so I don’t have to wait around?

Children must be collected from their individual collection points; we cannot arrange for siblings to be collected together. Our staggered collection times and points are organised to ensure that by the time you have collected one child, your second child will be ready for collection at their point.

What should my child wear?

Your child should wear comfortable clothes, please ensure that all removable clothing is clearly named. If the weather is warm, please apply sunscreen in the morning, and provide a sun hat or cap.

Will my child be able to play outside, to get some fresh air?

All children have the opportunity to play outside in the playground, weather permitting. On sunny days, please ensure that your child has a sun hat, and is wearing sunscreen.

Can my nanny collect my child from the course?

Yes, please include on the registration form the names of all adults authroised to collect. After that, please inform your child’s teacher of collection information at drop off. If you’d prefer to email any information not included on the registration form, please email info@dramarama.co.uk before 12pm on the Thursday before the course.

Are there any parking restrictions I should be aware of?

During state school term time, motor vehicles are not permitted Nutley Terrace, Netherhall Gardens, and Maresfield Gardens, between 8am-9am and 3pm-4.15pm. Vehicles entering during this time are subject to a PCN.

My child will scoot to and from the course; can they leave their scooter on-site for the day?

Unfortunately no personal items – scooters, bikes, or buggies/prams – can be left on site.

Can I contact Dramarama during the course?

Rest assured, you will be contacted immediately if your child is unwell, or there any issue arises with your child during the course. If you need to provide any additional information – eg. changes of names of adults authorised to collect, etc, – please email info@dramarama.co.uk