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Our Two-Week Drama Exam Programme for 7–16 year olds (in school years 3-11) runs every summer holiday.

Students work in groups or pairs with others of the same age. They can enrol with friends or will be allocated to a group with those in the same academic year. Students enter a Trinity College group or duo drama exam. We follow the Trinity College drama exam syllabus and guidelines to ensure that students take an exam at the grade suitable for their age. Please note that students in different school years cannot work together to take the same grade exam.

The exam programme involves working on extracts from age-appropriate plays or poems and, depending on the grade taken, may also include mime and movement to music. During the intensive two-week course, students will be tutored and mentored to develop the performance technique required for drama exams while also participating in daily rehearsals for the exam set pieces.


The course comprises specialist tuition to enable students to prepare fully for a drama exam in the two-week period. Our syllabus and teaching is designed to ensure that all elements are thoroughly rehearsed so that students are completely prepared on exam day and nothing comes as a surprise. All students enrolled on the course must be available to attend on every day of the course.


Group and duo drama exams are a team effort and offer great learning opportunities for students to fine-tune their dramatic understanding, to follow stage direction, and to perform as an ensemble or in a pair; a collective, collaborative effort and approach boosts confidence and morale.

Trinity College examinations are recognised qualifications in Drama and can be listed on all application forms. Grade 6 results (for students in Year 9 and above) can be converted into UCAS points and recorded on university application forms.

All students receive a Drama Exam Certificate include their name, grade and result achieved. This will be posted to you as soon as it's available. We ask that all students provide an A4, hard-backed, self-addressed envelope with the correct 'large' stamp attached, on the first day of the course.

For more information and details of the next course please complete the form:

Thank you! We will contact you with further details.

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